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“And be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving one another, just as God also forgave you in Christ.” Ephesians 4:32 CSB

This is our verse of the month.  You will see this verse on the Scatter Cards we made for you.  We had a 1000 of these cards printed. I’m hoping we will have none left at the end of this month, but if we do, we do.  We can’t out dream God. If you haven’t asked for any yet, haven’t received yours, or just need some, comment below and we’ll get some to you right away.  God gave me the idea to have a Random Acts of Kindness month because of Waters Edge Church’s (WEC) Love Week. I’ve participated in many of these in the past when we attended there, my favorite was the Random Acts of Kindness cards.  Those cards forced me out of my comfort zone to actually help a person. Understand, I was a single woman for 42 years before I got married, I traveled for work, I had a lot of very scary things happen to me in those years. I am afraid of people, because I am aware how much people hurt you.  But I’m working on that with my therapist.

Recently, I learned from my therapist the best form of therapy for me, after having a car accident years ago, is exposure therapy.  Exposure therapy simply means getting back on the horse. When you fall off of a horse, the longer you wait to get back on it, the more likely you never will.  But if you’re able and can, getting right back on the horse will save you from your fear. Random Acts of Kindness is exposure therapy for me. I have been hurt deeply by people, therefore I struggle letting people into my life.  But doing Random Acts of Kindness during Love Week when we were at WEC made me face my fear of people. The other day I bought lunch for one of our country’s Navy men to thank him for his service. Buying him lunch was the highlight of my day with God, there is a time I would have never done such a thing.  Even better, when I told him I was buying his lunch, he said no, he was buying lunch for his wife as well, he couldn’t accept. I said, “I’m buying both.” There is a day my fear of people would have never let me do something like buy a stranger(s) lunch. Praise God, those days of fear are gone. 

Each day we’ll have a new suggestion for a way to scatter kindness.  Some days you’ll be able to do them, some days you won’t. My prayer is that no one will feel pressure to do this.  I’m praying we all have a little fun, scatter kindness wherever we are, and glorify God. Let’s see if we can make it into a lifestyle instead of just a month.  Every person you see today, the Lord loves. You get to represent Him to them. The easiest way to scatter some kindness is with a smile, don’t even have to give them a card.  This month is going to be good!

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