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“He is my faithful love and my fortress; my stronghold and my deliverer.  He is my shield, and I take refuge in Him, He subdues my people under me.” Psalm 144:2 CSB

This is King David’s prayer.  God did subdue David’s people under him and give him victory over his enemies.  There is story after story of this in the Old Testament. Starting with the infamous battle with Goliath, to whom he declared these words:  “but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty,” moments before sinking a rock into his head, thus saving the day  (1 Samuel 17:45 NIV). David knew how to face adversity in life, he chose the right stronghold, he chose the Lord.

Recently, I was watching the movie “Bagger Vance”. It’s about a hometown golfer, Junuh, whose life has been put on hold because of his time spent at war.  The story shows how he finds his way back to living again in depression era 1931. It’s told from the perspective of his young caddy, Hardy. Hardy’s father has lost his business, as a result, he becomes a street sweeper to support his family.  Seeing his father sweeping the streets while walking with his friends, Hardy acts like he doesn’t know him. He’s embarrassed at what his father does for a living; he doesn’t want his friends to know.

As the friendship develops between these unlikely friends, one of my favorite scenes in the movie happens.  Junuh is preparing for his next round of golf in the locker room, Hardy by his side as he laces up his shoes.  Hardy is sharing with him how embarrassed he is because of what his father does. This doesn’t sit well with Junuh.  He promptly informs Hardy how his father is the only man in town that paid off his debts. While all of Hardy’s friends fathers filed bankruptcy, his father found a way to pay off his debts and support his family.  My all time favorite line is when Junuh parts this wisdom to his young friend.:

“Your Daddy stared adversity in the eye Hardy, and he beat it back with a broom!”

Sometimes, that is exactly how we beat adversity, with a broom.  We thank God for what we do have, we don’t focus on what we don’t have.  We pick up a broom and go to work. In David’s case, he picked up five stones, but he only needed one.  Both these men show faith in action. They trusted the Lord with their lives. They looked around at what he had provided for them to use.  Then they went to work. They stared adversity in the eye, and they beat it back with the help of God. They knew the right stronghold to choose.

Let’s do the same:

Lord, You are our faithful love and fortress.  Our stronghold and deliverer. You are our shield, our place of refuge.  Whatever adversity we are facing, whatever stronghold we’re trying to overcome, help us do it through You.  As you did with David, do with us. ( Psalm 144:2 CSB). In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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