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“Trust in Him at all times you people; pour out your hearts before Him.  God is our refuge.” Psalm 62:8 CSB

There is only so much room inside of our hearts.  We can fill it up with whatever we want. Positive or negative.  If we want to soak up the positive energy, we need to get rid of the negative energy that might be weighing us down.  Things like worry, heart break, anger have a way of taking over our emotions. It’s like 100 SPF Sunscreen, they won’t let any of the positive energy from the Son into our hearts.  They can block it all out if we let them. But this verse is pivotal in getting rid of the negative and making room for the positive.

We have to pour it all out to Him.  All the bad, negative emotions we may be feeling, we need to release them to Him.  Honestly, don’t hold back. Let Him have it. He absolutely can take it. There seems to be this misconception that we can hide things from God.  We can’t. He already knows it, whether you want Him to or not. You’re not hiding anything from Him, so don’t even try. Instead, enjoy the freedom of being able to pour it all out to Him, knowing there is nothing you could ever do or have done that will stop Him from loving you.  There is nothing more freeing than letting it all go. I use a journal to help me do this. I write it all out. It’s a physical way I’m able to get it out of me. God help the person who reads them when I’m dead and gone (said with a smile). I’ve dealt with a lot of anger in my life this way.

The beauty of pouring it all out, it truly does allow you to then soak up the positive energy God has for you.   Think of it like cleaning out your junk drawer. All the random things that have been collected in it over time get dumped out.  The duck tape you used once, the screwdriver that fixed the fridge, the hair tie you forgot you had, countless scraps of paper and pens.  How in the world did that piece of jewelry end up in there? Once you have dumped it all out, thrown away the junk, put everything back in its proper place, you have room to fill it back up again.

It’s the same with our hearts.  We collect things over time we don’t even realize are there.  It’s only with a good cleansing we can get it all out. Once we do, we have room to receive the good God has for us.  We’re able to truly soak up the positive energy only God can give us.

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