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“Those who know your name trust in you because you have not abandoned those who seek you, Lord.”  Psalms 9:10

I have a prayer closet.  I was inspired after the movie “War Room.”  My husband and I went to see it one night in September of 2015.  The very next day I cleaned out our guest room closet and put a chair in it.  I have to admit, at first it felt silly to sit in a closet with my Bible. I started simply by just doing my Bible reading, writing in my journal.  Since that time it has evolved into a sacred place in my home. I now have a desk, I sit on an exercise ball, the walls are covered in scriptures and prayer requests.  I have a “bucket” where all answered prayers go. It’s my office, it’s where the Lord and I meet. It is my favorite place on earth. When my heart is broken, it is where I come.  When I rejoice, it’s where I come to rejoice with Him. When I’m not home, I miss it. It’s always the first place I come too when we get back. It’s where I know I will always find God.  It’s our special place.

My desktop has a glass overlay on it.  Underneath it is more scripture and inspirational quotes I’ve acquired over the years.  This morning, when I sat down to write, I saw this one:


I have no idea where I found it or who wrote it, but just as I did here, it’s written in all capital letters on my desk.  That means, whenever I wrote it, I was telling myself, don’t forget it. And until this morning, I hadn’t thought of it. But isn’t it true?  Isn’t that exactly what faith is, acting like God is telling the truth.

When God says He won’t abandon you, He means it.  He really won’t. So why do we act like He does? Just because we don’t feel His presence?  Just because He’s not doing what we think He should do? Or is it because we don’t think we’re worthy of His attention?  Or He was never really with us in the first place?

I have no idea why you might feel like God has abandoned you, but  I can tell you for sure, He hasn’t. I know this because His word says repeatedly He won’t.  A quick google search brought up 107 verses saying that very thing. Isn’t it time we all started acting like God is telling the truth?  If we never try we’ll never know, we’ll never grow, we’ll never experience all God has for us. Determine to make that your goal today, no matter what, trust God and act like He’s telling the truth.

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