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“The Lord, my Lord is my strength, He makes my feet like those of a deer and enables me to walk on mountain heights.”  Habakkuk 3:19 CSB

First let’s talk about the type of deer Habakkuk is referring too in this verse.  It is a female deer that has the innate ability to place her back feet exactly where her front feet just were.  Imagine walking in a foot of snow. It is always easiest to walk in the footprints that are already made than to try and create new paths.  The same is true for a female deer with hind’s feet. She can run surely along because the path has already been made. She can scale mountainous terrain without a worry because she is sure of her footing.  When danger comes, she can run away quickly because of this ability to stay in step so precisely.

Why would Habakkuk want God to grant him this ability?

Because the world he was living in at the time was tumultuous.  He lived in a world of spiritual decline, much like the one we live in today.  He was losing hope. He didn’t understand why God was letting this happen. He describes it in chapter one as he cries out to God, “Why?”  Habukkuk, whose name means “the wrestler”, didn’t like God’s response that Judah would be destroyed, yet he accepts God’s command to wait and consider who He is.  This verse is the end of his prayer accepting and trusting God’s will, even without complete understanding.

He has found his hind’s feet in the midst of hopelessness.

Habukkuk isn’t the first to question God.  He won’t be the last. God makes it very clear in his response to him, He is not accountable to any man.  We all have ideas of how situations in our lives should be handled. We all love to advise God on what He needs to do for us.  But that isn’t how God works. God doesn’t take orders from us, we take orders from Him. God’s answer to Habukkuk is the same answer He would give us:  He is all knowing, all powerful and He knows exactly what He is doing. It’s up to us to trust and believe.

May you find your hind’s feet in the midst of your troubles and run swiftly after God.

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