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“May he give you what your heart desires and fulfill your whole purpose.”  Psalm 20:4 CSB

This verse isn’t referring to just any desire.  It is written for David as he prepares for battle.  The desire of his heart is for victory for the Lord.  David was known as a man after God’s own heart who would do His will (Acts 13:22).  It’s important to understand the desires of David’s heart were in line with God’s purpose for him.  David had absolute faith in God, and his heart’s desire was to be in God’s will for his life.

This is a tricky verse and can be easily misunderstood.  I struggled with it most when I was single. I was doing the best I could to live my life according to God’s guidelines.  Year after year would go by, and my heart’s desire wasn’t being fulfilled. I had friends getting married left and right, children being born, yet I remained single.  It was then I was challenged by a friend, “What if you hearts desire isn’t God’s desire for you? What if it isn’t God’s will for you to be married?” To which I responded, “Then why do I have the desire?”

What I was challenged with, what I eventually learned, was my love for God isn’t dependent on whether or not He fills my heart’s desires.  In fact, I learned He was enough. Eventually I realized, He is my heart’s desire. If I have Him, that is all I need, the rest is icing on the cake.  John 4:4 tells us, He that is in you is greater than He that is in the world. It is in our heart where we meet God, in our innermost being.

Now, when I pray for my heart’s desires, it is to be in His will, doing what He wants me to do.  I want to fulfill the purpose He has for me. As you know, He did eventually give me the blessing of a husband, but it wasn’t until I was content in Him.  

I pray He fulfills the desires of your heart by aligning your heart with His. I pray you fulfill the purpose He has for you. You’ll find, when you get your heart in line with God’s heart for you, all of your heart’s desires will be fulfilled.

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