Do What’s Right

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Read Proverbs Chapter 11.

“One person gives freely, yet gains more, another withholds what is right, only to become poor.”  Proverbs 11:24 CSB

This is an interesting verse.  The word “right” in its original form means to equate.  It basically means you get what you deserve. It’s always the people who give a lot that get a lot.  And if you’re not honest, eventually it will catch up with you. I learned this lesson quickly in life.

I spent the first 12 years of my life in Tidal, PA.  It is a village, literally says it on the sign. One of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion.  It’s nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania. Beautiful country homes, immaculately taken care of by their owners.  Everyone knows everyone. Most are related one way or another. It isn’t a village, it’s a family. That’s where I spent the first part of my life and it’s footprints are embedded in my soul.

You know one of the reasons why?  It’s where I learned to be honest.

Living in Tidal you couldn’t lie.  Not only does everyone know everyone, everyone knows everything.  Which is a huge blessing. It’s how they care for each other so well.  It took me a long time to realize how special it really is. I always joke, when I talk about Tidal, that if you walk out your back door three times, the neighbor was coming to find out what was wrong.  You definitely don’t get away with anything in Tidal, because it always comes out. Sooner or later the truth always comes out.

Here’s what I’ve learned since I left Tidal.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in Tidal or any other part of the world, the truth always comes out.  Usually in the oddest ways. Ways of which you would never think. What goes around really does come around, withhold right, only to become poor.

When I was a flight attendant a gentleman was on the plane with his wife.  I found his wallet in the seat after they had deplaned. When I took it to customer service, I can’t remember all of the details, but they found out it wasn’t his wife he was travelling with that day.  They found out, because in the process of getting his wallet back to him, they inadvertently told his wife. I bet he never thought his wife would find out about his affair because he lost his wallet.

Withold right, only to become poor.

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