Truth is Always Better

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“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32
I have found a new thing I love about truth, I don’t have to remember it.  Seriously, I have realized as I get older I’m forgetting more and more.  I talk to so many people in a day.  I answer so many emails and texts.  I can’t possibly remember them all.  As long as I’ve told the truth, I know the facts will always be the same.
Have you ever told a “little white lie?”  Have you learned what a pain it can be to keep up with it?  For instance you have to remember the lie.  You have to remember that you told them you couldn’t go to their kids recital because you had a dentist appointment.  You have to remember you said we can’t make dinner because so and so is working late.
Lies are hard to keep up with, the truth isn’t.
With truth you don’t have to remember, you don’t have to keep up with it.  The truth always stands true.  Just like the truth of Jesus, over 2000 years later,  it stills stands strong.  Tested time and time again, always true.
The beauty of the truth is if you forget part of the details you can always look them up.  You look up the dentist appointment on the calendar.  You won’t have to remember what day you worked late because you actually did.  We always remember what we do more than what we say.
I’m becoming way more comfortable with saying, “You’re going to have to help me remember.”  Or “Where did we leave off last time we talked?”  I confess to even having to say, “I confess, I don’t remember the conversation.”  It’s so hard, because I don’t want anyone to feel like I don’t care.  I don’t want anyone to feel like I don’t love them.  When I can’t remember our conversation, I don’t want them to interpret it as I don’t care.
On the other hand, I also don’t want them to let me off the hook too easily.  I know I’m not God, but I need to work at doing better.  We can always do better, that’s the beauty of life.  I always want to be doing better.
Sometimes it’s hard telling the truth.  It’s hard telling someone you don’t remember what you last talked about.  It is hard telling someone you’re frustrated with them or you’re upset with them.  It’s hard to tell someone you just don’t want to go.  None of us want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
Here’s the truth, being lied too hurts more every time over being told the truth in love.
The key to telling the truth is telling it to the best of your ability in love.  That is the part we can always get better.  We can always love better than we did yesterday.  I know I am constantly being reminded I can love better than I did a minute ago.  The only way I can love better is to keep God in the forefront.  He is the only way I can love well.  He is the only way I can tell the truth in love.  He is the only one who can help me continue to do better each day, hour and minute.
Jesus came to tell the truth:
 “You are a king, then!” said Pilate.  Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”
I’m grateful it is Jesus I’m following.  He sets the right example.  Nobody told the truth in love better than Jesus, for obvious reasons.  I’ve learned a lot from Him.  I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m grateful one of the things He has shown me is how to tell the truth in love.
I’m working on it God, I’m working on it!

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